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Cost: $1.95 / 3 Day, $4.95 / 1 Week, $24.95 / 1 Month Rating: 79

College Sugar Babes are naughty students who need to pay those student loans, make tuition payments, and cover the cost of all those textbooks! What better way to do it than to indulge in a little hot nookie and get paid for it at the same time? These sexy teen and twentysomething girls don't mind giving up some hot booty in exchange for some cold hard cash, and when the scene turns dirty, you want to be there to catch all that nasty college girl action! We've got an all-access pass to see what's behind the campus gates, so let's go ahead and enroll in some XXX classes and find out if College Sugar Babes is worth your hard earned dough!

Here we are in the paid members area of College Sugar Babes, and we like what we see so far! A clean layout without any distractions, and easy access to all of the sexy college girl updates that the site has been packed with. There are 26 updates on the site right now, and each one is represented by a nicely sized preview thumbnail so you can get an idea of what's in store. In just one click, you gain access to all of the content that is available for that update. They're sorted with the freshest on top, so you can always get to the newest College Sugar Babes goodies first.

On the dedicated page for each update, there's a nice intro paragraph to let you know what's going on before you start watching. You can choose your streaming quality in standard, 720p, or HD 1080p. Those who have their laptops or tablets hooked up to an HD TV will really appreciate that 1080p setting. You couldn't get a more real view into the action unless you stepped onto that college campus yourself and joined the dirty action. Everything streams easily with no delays and no hiccups. The quality of the content itself on College Sugar Babes is sensational, with great interaction between the actors, and very nice camera work too. Everything is well lit and HD as it should be.

The photos are only viewable on the site, just like the videos, with no zip sets or downloadable content that we could find. In this world of quick-streaming cloud-storage mentality, streaming vs downloading is probably not an issue for you, but if it is, now you know. We like to see both options available, but to their credit, the layout is nice and the streaming is flawless. You don't really feel like you're missing anything here.

A membership to College Sugar Babes will only set you back $24.95 monthly, and they accept nearly every major credit card. There are no options for a yearly membership right now, probably because it's a standalone site and there isn't a ton of content right now. However, it's surely enough to get you through a month-long membership, and in the months to come, as this site matures and garners more and more of these hot college girl XXX updates, that $24.95 a month will become more and more worth it on a long-term basis. If you're a quality-over-quantity kind of guy, we feel very comfortable recommending College Sugar Babes to you. A very nice standalone site that's well-designed, with a unique theme, and excellent streaming HD content.

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College Sugar Babes Video

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College Sugar Babes Picture

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