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Cost: $1 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $89.95 a Year RexMag.com Rating: 73

Dare Dorm is a part of the Reality Kings network, and this is a network that I've always liked, so I've got high hopes. If you're into reality porn they are always the first place to go. Dare Dorm is about reality college porn. The premise is that these real college guys submit their homemade porno tapes and make ten thousand bucks for doing so. Is it true? Who the hell knows? But it does SEEM real, and that's what matters to me. Let's get into the members area and see if it's worth that hard earned cash.

The babes on Dare Dorm are definitely smoking. These aren't those perfect pornstars that you've already overdosed on, and you won't find an ugly babe on the site either. Hot college girls who can't wait to take off their tight tank tops for the camera... True amateur action at its best. This party action is going down in dorms, on the football field, and all over campus. Let's find out about the content on Dare Dorm right now.

The layout is cool and fun. None of that teenage looking bullshit, but still bright and really nicely designed. Gives you that real college vibe. The amateur college movies are submitted by real guys in exchange for cold hard cash, and you'll see these vids splashed down the main page with giant thumbnails (440px x 310px), great descriptions, dates and lengths, and links to view the full movie or look at the pictures. Let's do that.

Almost forgot to count the updates for you! There are only 14 videos on the site at the time of this review. It's a really new site though, and they are adding them steadily at the rate of two per month. I'd love to see weekly updates here, but bi-weekly isn't bad. The movies are over an hour in length too, so it's the equivalent of 28 standard 30-minute videos. There's definitely a lot of hours worth of content here to get you off.

If you click the link to view the full movie, it will automatically start loading in Flash format, in standard definition. If you prefer HD, the link is right there at the top and that loads just as flawlessly. It's easy to skip through the videos by clicking on that little bar along the bottom, and there's no lag or waiting time with that whatsoever. The quality is amazing considering that these are amateur vids, but with these cheap HD cams that are available now it's not so surprising. There is also a bar along the bottom that lets you skip scene by scene, which is a nice feature. My only complaint is that I can't download the videos and keep them. The streaming is flawless and I am definitely a fan of Flash streaming nowadays--but if you like to download an d keep your vids, you may be disappointed.!

There are over 500 photos that come with each set too, and these are actual high quality photos rather than crappy screencaps. They're sized 900px x 600px and they look fantastic. Crisp and clear as if you are right there watching these hot babes get fuckec. And did I mention that this is really hardcore fucking action too? None of that bullshit time wasting like you see on other sites. There's a good buildup and all, but they get right to the action. Zip sets too!

The only major downside to Dare Dorm is the fact that you do not get any bonus sites with your membership. I'm not against standalone sites by any means--especially if you're as busy as I am and really only have enough time to enjoy one site in a month.

If you decide to join Dare Dorm, it'll cost you $24.95 per month, or you can grab that one year membership for a higher price initially, but that works out to just $7.50 per month. Is it worth it? Hell yeah. Even without bonus sites, Dare Dorm really delivers. Final score = 73.

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Dare Dorm Videos

Dare Dorm Video
Dare Dorm Video

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Dare Dorm Picture

Other Reviews of Dare Dorm

  • 8/9/2010 6:15:23 AM (68/100):
    At Dare Dorm members can view real college fuck parties filmed by the college participants who then send in the video tape looking to win the $10,000 prize the site is giving away. There are 20 great-looking videos available, but they can only be streamed. You can check out vids caps for each scene, but no photos are offered. There are also no bonus sites. The site is updating about once every week or so and the more it grows the more it gains in value.
  • 1/12/2010 (7/10):
    Dare Dorm claims to pay young college students ten thousand dollars (!) to send in videos of themselves having sex in their dorm rooms. Who knows if any of this is actually real... but it is real hot! Having said that, there just isn?t enough content here yet to justify the membership price at the present time.
  • 12/18/2009 (66/100):
    Our review thinks DareDorm.com rocks. Surfers into college-themed amateur porn need a membership. The content is so hot that its arousal factor can hardly be overstated. The technical quality is good, but it's not the promised HD. The videos can't be downloaded. Those faults aside, this website is pure gold.

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