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Cost: $29.95/1 month , $23.31/3 months , $16.66/6 months Rating: 95

Euro Babe Facials is the newest site in the Puffy Network, which is famous for delivering high quality masturbation and blowjob videos featuring not the typical pornstars you've seen a hundred times over, but rather fresh European girls who love getting cum on their lips after letting you plug their puffy little pussies. While the other three sites in the network (more about them down below) focus mostly on masturbation and oral sex, Euro Babe Facials has the girls doing everything you expect from a mainstream high quality porn site. And as the name of the site implies, the action invariably ends with a magnificent cum explosion all over their pretty European faces.

If you don't have the patience to read this whole review, here's a little spoiler: this site is very, very good. But before you take out your credit card, let's go over Euro Babe Facials and the wider network in a little more detail.

The very first thing you'll notice when you visit the site, either as a curious visitor or a paying member, is how great it looks and how well it's been designed. A lot of porn sites are designed as if it's still 2004 and often look like one giant ad (but I usually don't mind since it's not great webdesign but hot videos I'm really after), but the Puffy sites are not like that at all. Euro Babe Facials looks, in one word, amazing. It's fully responsive - if you don't have a smartphone to verify, just resize your browser window to see for yourself - and the design and development team clearly spared no effort or expense to make the viewer experience as good as it gets for a porn site.

This focus on the viewer experience is obvious wherever you go on the site. The front page consists of a gallery of the most recently uploaded scenes with large pictures that turn into moving previews as you mouse over them, followed by an overview of the top five highest rated models. At the top is a menu that brings you to the different sections, including Videos, Pictures, Girls, links to the other network sites and your profile (which is used mostly as a collection of links to your favorite girls, pics and videos). When you click on a model you like, it brings you to a short biography and the scenes she's been in. Click on an interesting scene and you're treated to a description of the action, a fast-streaming HTML5-player with the full scene, a number of different download options (more on that in a minute), an extensive picture gallery and an option to download all pictures in a zip or view them in an attractive slideshow. You're also free to add comments if you want.

The videos are of course the main attraction, but let's just say a few words about the pictures first. They are awesome! The production value is phenomenal and there are quite a large number of them for every model. More importantly, they're available in insanely high 12 megapixel resolution as well as in low-res (though at 2 megapixels you can't really call that bad quality, can you?). The slideshow is pretty cool too and it's perfect for just watching a pretty girl show off while you do something else.

And then there are the videos. All I can say is WOW! Every clip is available in 320p, 480p, 720p and amazing 1080p and both streaming and downloading happens at blazing speed. Almost every scene is shot entirely in mouth-wathering POV-style and the girls do a truly phenomenal job at putting on a show. They smile at you from start to finish, talk a little bit about themselves (often in sexy broken English) and of course they suck you off, take your dick like a princess in all positions and let you cum on their beautiful faces. And usually they spend at least a minute or two afterwards basking in the cum and showing you what they've done, which is a great plus. No videos that end abruptly after the cumshot here!

The models - currently just 24, but the site is still young and it's growing rapidly at a rate of two or three scenes per month - are all European (usually from countries like Russia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, but there are some others too). And although you won't find the typical big American porn stars here, ALL of them are absolute stunners! Some are even truly of global superstar quality, like Sindy Vega, Alexis Brill and (on the other sites) Anjelica/Abby and Little Caprice. All the girls and scenes are rated by the members and you can even leave messages for them in the comments which actually seem to get passed on. You might not believe it, but I've personally seen a commenter thank one of the girls for performing a specific sex act upon his request (it was rimming if you were wondering) in her second scene. Talk about customer service!!

Finally, the other three sites in the network are Wet and Puffy (a site dedicated to the pussy), Wet and Pissy (for lovers of waterworks) and We Like to Suck (I'm sure you can guess what this one is about). All of them are of the same quality as Euro Babe Facials and in total there are now over 700 videos to choose from, so there is no shortage of superb, varied, European material.

So is all of this worth the price of admission - $29.95 per month, $69.95 for three months or just $99.95 for half a year? Well, yes it is, a thousand times over! The only thing I didn't like very much when I reviewed the other sites in the network was the lack of sex (it was almost entirely solo, pissing and blowjob scenes), but with Euro Babe Facials, that one gaping hole has now been plugged in a very satisfying way. The only valid reason to stay away from this site is if you absolutely must see famous American porn stars. But if gorgeous, perfect-10 European sex queens do it for you as much as they do it for me, it's really a no-brainer. Join, enjoy and never look back!

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Euro Babe Facials Video

Euro Babe Facials Video
Euro Babe Facials Video

Euro Babe Facials Pictures

Euro Babe Facials Picture
Euro Babe Facials Picture

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louie 90:
This site has the best / biggest cumshots out there right now in Eurobabeland.
April 16, 2014 at 3:18 AM

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