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Load My Mouth (LoadMyMouth.com)

Brandon Iron presents Load My Mouth. This site is all about babes who love to take cum in their mouth, show it off for the camera, and then swallow it down like a true pro. And how do they get to that point? With hot blowjobs of course! These babes love to take a hard dick between their lips and bring that sucker to the point of orgasm. Watch these girls suck it down and suck it dry at LoadMyMouth.com!

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Load My Mouth (www.LoadMyMouth.com)

Cover My Face (CoverMyFace.com)

What fun is it to watch a single guy get blown, fuck a chick and blow his little puny load on her face when you can have... say... 10, 14, 25 guys all jizz on her at the same time? That's the fun thing about Cover My Face. This site is presented to you by Brandon Iron, so you know it's of the highest quality. If you're into watching a girl service a room full of guys and take load after load n her face, then CoverMyFace.com awaits you. But these horny bitches need you to watch them get banged NOW, they're not gonna wait! So come check out CoverMyFace.com tonight and find out why these babes are the hottest on the net.

$2.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Cover My Face (www.CoverMyFace.com)

Facial Humiliation (FacialHumiliation.com)

Welcome to FacialHumiliation.com! We have more exclusive facials than anyone else, guaranteed! Every single set on our site has 100% original cum drenched content! The action here on Facial Humiliation goes from the first blowjob by a fresh new amateur girl to hardcore anal groupsex sets! But every set ends with a hardcore shot of jizz right to the face of the hot and cum hungry babe! We update three times a day with brand new content, too, so keep an eye out on this space!

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Facial Humiliation (www.FacialHumiliation.com)

Euro Babe Facial

Euro Babes Facials is a new site that takes you on a tour of Europe like you've never been before. This site finds all of the hottest babes that countries like the Russian Federation, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and shows you how much of a load they can have on their face without batting an eye. This site might be new, but it has some of the highest quality movies and pictures that are coming out of the eastern block.

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Euro Babe Facials (www.EuroBabeFacials.com)

1000 Facials (1000Facials.com)

The mission on 1000 Facials is to find a thousand girls who are willing to give blowjobs, get fucked, and take facials on film! Every membership pushes them a little further toward their goal of one thousand babes, and that is a goal that we can definitely support! These sluts are so hungry for cock they'll do anything to get it, even if the whole world is gonna see them sucking it down and begging for more. Watch these hot sluts give oral and take dick in their tight pussies and asses, and of course that final cumshot facial at the end... only at 1000Facials.com!

$29.95 a Month, $49.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 1 Year
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1000 Facials (www.1000Facials.com)

Backroom Facials - Real Women getting Real Facials

Backroom Facials is a website about the real life women who come in for an adult modeling interview. She is asked to take off all of her clothes until she is nude. Then we film the ladies giving their best blowjobs, their best with fucking in the pussy and anal, and then swallowing a warm creamy load of cum. If you like to see real, honest, everyday women trying their best to fuck good and get the part, you're going to love this.

$1 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $119.40 for 1 Year
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Backroom Facials (www.BackroomFacials.com)

Sperm Glazed (SpermGlazed.com)

Welcome to Sperm Glazed. We love to turn cute girls faces into canvases of white paint for massive facials. If you love watching porn stars as they get soaked in cum, this site is just for you! From the ordinary blowjob to massive blowbangs, these girls take it to the other level. They will suck a bunch of cocks, take a hard penis down their throat, lick balls and lick asses... All for one purpose: to be glazed in cum! You sure won't want to miss Ava Devine, Missy Monroe, Mika Tan, Tiana Lynn, Hailey Young (and so many more...) as they enjoy some generous glazing sessions. Who will get covered the most...?

$2.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Sperm Glazed (www.SpermGlazed.com)

Fucked Up Facials (FuckedUpFacials.com)

There's no such thing as too much of a good thing, is there? Well ask the women of Fucked Up Facials if that's still true when it comes to cum. The girls here don't just get a few drops on their faces, they get a flood of creamy, dripping, wet yumminess. They get fucked once with a normal cumshot, then a group of guys with big fat cocks come in and cum all over her face. And these girls love it. Join FuckedUpFacials.com today and see for yourself.

$29.95 Per Month, $59.95 for 3 Months
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Fucked Up Facials (www.FuckedUpFacials.com)

Cumshots n Facials (CumshotsnFacials.com)

Welcome to CumshotsnFacials.com, your #1 source for facial and cumshot action on the net! We've got only the most beautiful women in the world who really love to get cumshots right to their faces! No bitching about getting it in their eyes or hair, these girls really love to feel giant loads of creamy sperm dripping off their cheeks and chin! And we've got tons of different action on here, from swallowing to blowbangs, two chicks on dick and cum swapping! See it to believe it!

$1 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $89.95 Yearly
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Cumshots n Facials (www.CumshotsnFacials.com)

Big League Facials (BigLeagueFacials.com)

This is BigLeagueFacials.com, and we've got the motherload of all facial and cumshot porn! All of our content on our site is 100% exclusive, so you can't see any of this stuff anywhere else! We deliver only the cutest, most innocent looking hotties sucking and fucking like the best of sluts, and we end them all with their faces getting soaked in hot sticky cum! Big League Facials is the website for cute amateurs getting messed by sperm!

$4.95 for 3 Day Trial, $29.98 Monthly
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Big League Facials (www.BigLeagueFacials.com)

Facials Fever (FacialsFever.com)

Welcome to FacialsFever.com, the home of cum hungry sluts who want a face full of cum! On our website, we strive to bring you only the best, raunchiest, most hardcore facial content out there! We have thousands of the wildest cumshot movies here on our site, as well as an insane amount of high-resolution photographs! On Facials Fever, the most beautiful faces in the world get covered in massive amounts of milky white cum!

$1 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $89.95 Yearly
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Facials Fever (www.FacialsFever.com)

Cum in the Face (CumInTheFace.com)

Welcome to Cum in the Face, where we offer you facial after facial after facial. You know you want to cum all of her pretty little face! All the scenes that we've selected for this Jules Jordan site have been hand-picked by the man himself and they reflect some of the best facials he's ever done or that he's filmed. The recipe is simple but oh so sweet: a hot chick, a guy, and loads of cum all over her face!

$29.95 for 1 Month / $59.95 for 3 Months
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Cum in the Face (www.CumInTheFace.com)

Just Facials (JustFacials.com)

We are JustFacials.com, and we bring you only the most gorgeous teen babes who get off on having their cute, cock sucking faces covered in giant globs of sperm! We here on Just Facials pride ourselves in our massive galleries of totally exclusive hot facial action! And we update constantly, always on the prowl to find new, beautiful, nasty chicks to fuck and shower with sticky man juice! So check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

$4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month
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Just Facials (www.JustFacials.com)

Facial Abuse (FacialAbuse.com)

Welcome to FacialAbuse.com,, with blowjobs so brutal, you won't believe it! We here at Facial Abuse are all about getting beautiful women and pushing the envelope so hard they break. We give hardcore pounding anals, brutal double penetration, the hardest face fucking you'll ever see, and we end it all with multiple straight-to-the-eyes facials! These girls end up being destroyed and broken by the time we're done with them, just the way we like it!

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Facial Abuse (www.FacialAbuse.com)

Facial Urge (FacialUrge.com)

Facial Urge truly offers a different experience than any other porno site on the net. Real women email them with real fantasies in order to be hooked up with a complete stranger for a facial. The videos that you'll download as a member have interviews with these real women explaining why they wanted to set up this risque sexual situation for themselves, and of course you get to see the actual footage of the hardcore sex and facial cumshot! You'll see everything from teens to MILFs to mature women on this site, all totally real, and beyond amateur! Experience something different tonight at FacialUrge.com!

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Facial Urge (www.FacialUrge.com)

Facial Cum Targets (FacialCumTargets.com)

Welcome to FacialCumTargets.com, the website absolutely covered with cum fulled faces, and we always aim for the eyes! Facial Cum Target brings you only the sweetest, sexiest, most innocent looking teen girls who get totally shot down with massive, hard blasts of steaming sperm right to those cute little faces! We've got good aim here, and we always get a perfect shot right to the eyes! We've got every kind of hot teen girl here, from black to white to Asian to Latina, all dripping with cum!

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Facial Cum Targets (www.FacialCumTargets.com)

Cum On her Face (CumOnHerFace.com)

Welcome to CumOnHerFace.com, the home of the world's nastiest Ray Guhn gangbangs and group facials! We are the legendary website that started it all! We've got over 500 full-length massive gang bang party pictures and over a million megabytes of video! And best of all, we update every single week! Don't let other websites trick you – if you want real, hardcore gang bang action featuring the most extreme fucking you'll ever see, there is no substitute for Cum On Her Face.

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Cum On her Face (www.CumOnHerFace.com)

Facial Whore (FacialWhore.com)

Welcome to FacialWhore.com, the one and only website where you can find a sweet, innocent, hot 18 year old teen girl gone bad! See our beautiful Maria, the stunning 18-year-old Latina hottie, suck and fuck tons of cock! She's a self confessed Facial Whore, so don't let those big sweet eyes fool you, she loves getting that spicy hot face of hers absolutely soaked in massive loads of spunk! And our content is 100% exclusive, so you won't find Maria, or her cum-filled entures, anywhere else!

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Facial Whore (www.FacialWhore.com)

Gangbang Facial (GangbangFacial.com)

Gangbang Facial is packed with hot videos of babes being gangbanged by tons of guys, and then hit in the face with dozens of explosive cumshots. It's like the fireworks and the grand finale--you don't want to miss a minute of this hot banging action with the horniest sluts on the net. Nasty guys and girls getting crazy for the camera in sizzling group action, always ending in a blast of jizz. Cum visit GangBangFacial.com while it's hot!

$4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
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Gangbang Facial (www.GangbangFacial.com)

Facialization (Facialization.com)

Welcome to FACIALIZATION.com, the messiest site online! Inside you will find HUNDREDS of high quality, rare, and exclusive facial movies. Our collection is made up of high quality mpeg movie files which you can easily store on your hard drive for future enjoyment!

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Facialization (www.Facialization.com)

Fresh Facials (FreshFacials.com)

Fresh Facials breaks it down to bare bones basics, making it clear that the best thing in life is fucking babes in all their holes and then jizzing all over their fresh faces! These bitches will share a cock or grab one all for themselves, and they'll work that dick until the guy is spurting cum all over their pretty faces. See these sluts get covered in cumshots at FreshFacials.com!

$1.85 Trial, $29.99 Monthly
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Fresh Facials (www.FreshFacials.com)

Facial Mag (FacialMag.com)

Facial Mag features amateur hotties getting blasted in the face with facial cumshots! These girls give blowjobs and let these guys fuck them in the pussy and ass hardcore, but they're really just waiting for the thing that they crave... that messy cumshot all over their pretty face at the end! Watch these sluts get pounded hard and then get jizz splattered on their sexy lips tonight at FacialMag.com!

$4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month
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Facial Mag (www.FacialMag.com)

Cum On Candi (CumOnCandi.com)

Hello out there! I'm Candi, and this is my website, CumOnCandi.com! I'm a housewife from the southern part of the USA. A while back, my husband and I started doing couples sex stuff, and people liked what we did, so we decided to make our own webpage. Now, we do pretty much everything, from kinky sex to regular hardcore sex, toys and girl on girl, and plenty of hot sticky facials for me! I am truly an exhibitionist, so me and my husband really get into some crazy action. We're not afraid to do anything for the camera! Take a look around, and enjoy my site. I'm sure when you do, you'll want to Cum On Candi too!

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Cum On Candi (www.CumOnCandi.com)

Facial Movies XXX (Facial-Movies-XXX.com)

Facial Movies XXX is a treasure trove full of hot sluts who love to get guys off and then take that hot facial at the end! They just love to feel the jizz hit their lips, maybe get a little in their eye, and of course swallow every bit that they can get! These bitches specialize in mindblowing blowjobs, and when they wrap their lips around a fat cock, you just know it's going to end in a messy facial! Check out all the hot jizz guzzling action at FacialMoviesXXX.com!

$9.99 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $89.99 a Year
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Facial Movies XXX (www.Facial-Movies-XXX.com)

Pink Eye Surprise (PinkEyeSurprise.com)

This is PinkEyeSurprise.com, the one and only website dedicated to shooting sluts DIRECTLY in the eye with giant loads of cum! That's right, we don't do facials here – these girls suck cock, get brutally fucked in all their holes, and in the end we pry open their eyes and spurt load after load of hot, sticky jizz right into their eyes! Pink Eye Surprise! These nasty sluts just love the feeling of getting cum right into their eyes, it makes them feel like the whores they know they are!

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Pink Eye Surprise (www.PinkEyeSurprise.com)

Facial Fiasco (FacialFiasco.com)

Facial Fiasco is the site where the babes just love to get a messy cumshot in their face, and they'll do whatever it takes to get it! This isn't just lame blowjob content here, this is full on hardcore fucking! These sluts will take it in the pussy and in the ass, and suck those balls, and stroke that dick until he's cumming all over their freshly done makeup! Hell yeah buddy! Watch these sluts get a whole new kind of makeover tonight at FacialFiasco.com!

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Facial Fiasco (www.FacialFiasco.com)

Jizz On Glasses (JizzOnGlasses.com)

You've reached JizzOnGlasses.com, and we are the internet's one and only website dedicated to finding hot, innocent school girl nerds and totally humiliating them with our massive blasts of hot cum! And the best part about our videos here on Jizz On Glasses? We make the horny geeky sluts keep their glasses on! See as we fuck these gorgeous, shy school girl babes and watch as their faces get totally covered in sperm, and watch the cum just drip right off their glasses!

See Site For Pricing
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Jizz On Glasses (www.JizzOnGlasses.com)

Please Cum on My Face (PleaseCumOnMyFace.com)

Welcome to PleaseCumOnMyFace.com, your home for 100% hardcore blowjob and facial action! We have some of the sexiest, most beautiful teen babes here on our site who are seriously horny and want to take a big cock down their throat and have a hot steaming load shot all over their face! Here on Please Cum On My Face, we make sure that we only get real, hot young girls who genuinely love sucking cock and will relish the messy cum shots right to their mugs!

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Please Cum on My Face (www.PleaseCumOnMyFace.com)

Cum Covered Chicks (CumCoveredChicks.com)

This is CumCoveredChicks.com, and we are the best website out there for seeing loads of gorgeous, horny, beautiful babes who love nothing more than having their faces drenched in loads of hot, sticky sperm! All of our scenes are 100% hardcore, featuring plenty of rough blowjob, deep throat, pussy pounding, ass reaming action! We've even got plenty of blow bangs and threesomes here on Cum Covered Chicks! Our girls do it all, and all end up with a nice serving of milky white cum all over their face!

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Cum Covered Chicks (www.CumCoveredChicks.com)

Facial Land (FacialLand.com)

Facial Land is nothing but hour after hour of the most hardcore facial cumshot videos that you'll find on the internet! They scour the planet to find these horny sluts who love to get their faces totally blasted with hot sticky man juice! Watch every single uncensored hardcore update with your exclusive membership to FacialLand.com now!

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Facial Land (www.FacialLand.com)

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