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Strap Attackers (StrapAttackers.com)

Strap Attackers totally turns the tables on these straight guys, when their babes strap on a dildo and fuck them in the ass! Sometimes sluts just have to have the upper hand, and on this site they're given that and then some! They show these guys how it feels to take a big dong in the ass, and they definitely show them who's boss! Many times the scenes feature more than one chick taking antage of these guys, and you haven't lived until you watch a chick fuck a dude who's getting a blowjob at the same time. Watch all the wildness at StrapAttackers.com!

$4.95 Trial, $29.95 a Month, 90 Days for $54.95
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Strap Attackers (www.StrapAttackers.com)

Smother (Smother.com)

If you love nothing more than the idea of having your face totally dominated by a beautiful and cruel woman, than look no further. We are Smother.com, and we are the only website dedicated to nothing but the hottest of face sitting action. See the world's most breath-taking dominant woman sitting themselves right on top of a man's face, and watch them as they get suffocated by the glorious pussy and ass of a truly superior being. Smother takes you places other websites can only dream of.

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Smother (www.Smother.com)

Be The Bitch (BeTheBitch.com)

Welcome to BeTheBitch.com. On Be The Bitch, you can watch as men get dominated by beautiful women as they are bent over and ass fucked into submission. The girls have the strap-ons the guys have the gag, and these horny guys get treated like the little bitches they really are! Watch as these little bitch boys get their throats and asses brutally fucked by tiny, crazy girls. You haven't seen anything like this!

$4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
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Be The Bitch (www.BeTheBitch.com)

Strap On Fuckers (StraponFuckers.com)

Welcome to StrapOnFuckers.com! We are your website for seeing only the hottest of strap on action from the most beautiful women in the world! Watch as these babes put on massive, terrifying strap-ons and pound them deep into men's asses! See hot and horny lesbians tear into one another's slits with impossibly huge plastic dicks! See men beg for more as they get pounded with a strap on right here on Strap On Fuckers.

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Strap On Fuckers (www.StraponFuckers.com)

Fem Dominas (FemDominas.com)

Sometimes, guys need to be put in their place, and the mistresses of Fem Dominas have no problems doling out punishment to those who don't know how to behave. These girls know how to treat their slaves and gimps and are unmerciful to a point of pain. Watch as Mistress Kat9 gives Bob's balls a brutal beating or as Mistress Persephone punishes her slave husband for being a bad cook. Rex is glad that his wife isn't down with this shit, but is yours, Mitch? Check out FemDominas.com and find out.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Fem Dominas (www.FemDominas.com)

Men in Pain (MeninPain.com)

This is MenInPain.com, and we are femdom at it's finest. We here at Men In Pain pride ourselves in bringing you only the sexiest, cruelest women in the world who love nothing more than dominating and humiliating vulnerable, naked men. We've got tons of content on here, with plenty of cock and ball torture, face sitting, men in bondage, urethral play, men getting spanked by vicious women, beating, and tons of men getting fucked by women.

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Men in Pain (www.MeninPain.com)

Pure Smothering (PureSmothering.com)

Welcome to Pure Smothering, where no face is safe from our femdom girls who know how to punish a man. If you've misbehaved, then it should not surprise you if one of our girls makes you lie down and stick your nose in their ass while they shake and grind into you. There is more ass sitting on this site then just about any online. So if you are a true connoisseur of ass in your face, then PureSmothering.com is your type of site.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Pure Smothering (www.PureSmothering.com)

Face Sitters (FaceSitters.com)

Welcome! You've arrived at FaceSitters.com, and around here, we know just what it takes to leave you breathless! On our site, you'll find only the most beautiful women in the world dishing out the most exquisite of breath play! From face sitting, tit smothering, ass worship, girls smothering girls, plastic play, and more, we've got it all! Face Sitters has hundreds of thousands of movies and pictures, as well as live 24/7 sex shows for you to fulfill all of your asphyxia desires.

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Face Sitters (www.FaceSitters.com)

She Fucks Guys (SheFucksGuys.com)

Some girls like the feeling of getting fucked, of being used and abused by their men. On She Fucks Guys, the tables are turned and it's time for the men to be used and abused. Our girls like to strap it on and give it to him hard - fucking him with a strap-on, or shoving a fat dildo up his ass. Some of the guys like it, others just pretend not to, but all of them are left sore and confused on SheFucksGuys.com. Check it out for yourself.

$5.95 Trial, $34.95 Monthly, $79.95 for 90 Days
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She Fucks Guys (www.SheFucksGuys.com)

Fem Dom Abuse (FemDomAbuse.com)

This is FemDomAbuse.com, the website where you can find hours of the most extreme, intense fem-dom action in the world! We have high quality female domination movies featuring some of the most terrifying and glamorous dominant goddesses in the world reducing their slave girls and slave boys to the blubbering piles of trash they are. See our dominatrices on Fem Dom Abuse put their subjects through unspeakable torture and humiliation!

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Fem Dom Abuse (www.FemDomAbuse.com)

Slave Island (SlaveIsland.com)

Welcome to SlaveIsland.com, the #1 rated Bondage/Fetish website on the net. We have hundreds of thousands of exclusive, high quality sex slave pictures, thousands of videos featuring nonstop fetish and torture action, and live captive babes for you to control and exploit as you wish! We've got tons of girls on their knees and begging for release, but here on Slave Island, that's only the beginning.

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Slave Island (www.SlaveIsland.com)

Miss Krista (Miss-Krista.com)

Welcome to my world, slave. I am Miss Krista, and this is my domain, Miss-Krista.com. I am a real Russian mistress, and I do not take kindly to the weak or pathetic, like yourself. Come into my world and let me show you exactly what you deserve, and what you most desire. Watch as I turn other slave boys and girls like yourself into the obedient servants that they should be. I will torture you and punish you, and in the end, you will beg for more.

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Miss Krista (www.Miss-Krista.com)

Pure Abuse (PureAbuse.com)

Dominate women abusing men. PureAbuse.com where the women rule and the men have no choice but to obey. Check out these dominate women as they dominate men and make these guys do what they want them to do. Talk about a switch. PureAbuse.com where the chicks are the ones in control.

$1.98 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Pure Abuse (www.PureAbuse.com)

Fem Dom Sex.cc (FemDomSex.cc)

Wecome to FemDomSex.cc, the website for those of you who want real, authentic female domination action. We are the extreme fem-dom site you have been looking for! We at Fem Dom Sex.cc deliver only the strictest, most exacting mistresses in the world. Watch our beautiful and deadly dominatrices torment, humiliate, and abandon helpless male and female submissives. Watch our ladies break them until they are literally begging to be tortured more!

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Fem Dom Sex.cc (www.FemDomSex.cc)

Trample (Trample.com)

You have reached Trample.com, and we are the original home for extreme trampling and foot domination! Don't let anyone else fool you, this website is the first, and the best, site for seeing authentic foot torment action. All of the content you will find on our website is 100% authentic! Watch as men get absolutely brutalized, whether it's high heel trample action, face stomping, barefoot foot pounding action, or anything else these wicked girls can think of! Trample, the first, and the best, for extreme foot domination!

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Trample (www.Trample.com)

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