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CFNM Max (CFNMMax.com)

CFNM Max... for those new to the genre, CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male (or Clothed Female Nude Male), and basically the babes take back their power and totally make the guy submit to their feminine wiles. They totally use these lucky guys for their own sexual pleasure, humiliating them and taking antage of their hard dicks while the camera rolls without interruption. These hot babes won't take no for an answer at CFNMMax.com!

$1.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 3 Months
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CFNM Max (www.CFNMMax.com)

Fart Hammer (FartHammer.com)

Welcome to the website everyone's been talking about, FartHammer.com! Fart Hammer is a one of a kind website, unlike anything you'll see anywhere else on the net. On this site, you'll see super hot babes sucking cock and getting rammed in their pussies and asses, and you can watch as they get their pretty faces soaked in sticky cum. But that's not all! Afterwards, their cum-drenched mugs get blasted by a big, juicy fart! When you see their expressions afterwards, it's priceless!

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Fart Hammer (www.FartHammer.com)

Bang A Midget (BangAMidget.com)

BangAMidget.com shows that good things do come in small packages. These pint sized people have just as much, or even more, sexual appetite as normal sized people. Watch these little people get their fuck on and cum like crazy.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Bang A Midget (www.BangAMidget.com)

Midget Porn Pass (MidgetPornPass.com)

I don't know about you but I think it's fucking entertaining when you see little people, midgets, or whatever you call them going wild and fucking like there's no tomorrow. That's why I'm glad that I've found MidgetPornPass.com. You get to see little people showing that they are just as fuckable and willing to fuck like everybody else. It's a sight to see at MidgetPornPass.com because these little people would have you so fucking awed that you wouldn't know what to say. They show that they are bigger than everybody thinks and could fuck like it's nothing. So check out MidgetPornPass.com because you would find yourself loving that good shit.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Midget Porn Pass (www.MidgetPornPass.com)

Raw Handicap Sex (RawHandicapSex.com)

Welcome to RawHandicapSex.com where we take some of the biggest handicapped freaks and we film them fucking. This is as real as it gets - check out women with stumps getting fucked, or dudes with no legs getting boinked. There's no easy way to describe the Raw Handicap Sex you're going to see on this site - not at all - it's just raw, real and dirty. So if you're ready to take a walk down the wild side with us, we suggest you check out the action here now.

$4.99 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $89.99 for 1 Year Niche: MILF Porn Reviews
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Raw Handicap Sex (www.RawHandicapSex.com)

Hell Fire Sex (HellFireSex.com)

Welcome! You've reached HellFireSex.com, the website where the most gorgeous women in the world come to be punished like whores by our mistress Melissa Lauren. We here have some crazy pussy slamming action, coming from tons of tools, as well as some men! Watch as Melissa Lauren grabs these beautiful women by the hair and forces their pretty mouths over hard cocks until they can't breathe! No one but Melissa can push it to the next level like this, and now that you've got your personal invitation, all that's left is to join and experience her naughty sexual wrath for yourself. HellFireSex.com is real fem-dom, slut-punishing action!

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Hell Fire Sex (www.HellFireSex.com)

Wild Fuck Toys (WildFuckToys.com)

Wild Fuck Toys is a site that promises to show how much mechanical pounding these horny girls can take. Featuring a doctor that will help these women with their orgasm problems by using dildos and vibrators. In due time, man will no longer be match to a new fucking society because women are starting to resort to a new technology to obtain the pleasure they've always wanted... Massive collection of quality videos and pictures; and other great sites upon joining!

$4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month
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Wild Fuck Toys (www.WildFuckToys.com)

Fist Flush (FistFlush.com)

Ever seen a site where they combine the niches of fisting and squirting? Fist Flush just may be the first of its kind. They do pussy fisting and anal fisting, and they make these girls have explosive squirting orgasms! True female ejaculation! No guys are allowed on this site except you--it's all hot babes fucking each other with their fists, sex toys, and any other giant items they can find around the house. Watch these babes fist and squirt like there's no tomorrow! See the insane action at FistFlush.com.

$2.95 for 3 Day Trial, $22.95 Monthly, $99.95 for 6 Months
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Fist Flush (www.FistFlush.com)

CFNM Exposed (CFNMExposed.com)

CFNM Exposed stands for clothed females naked males, and this is a site where the usual porno scenario is totally flipped. Instead of the babes being humiliated by the guys, the guys are totally taken antage of by perverted women! The men are plunged into scenarios beyond their control, stripped and dominated by some of the craziest women you have ever seen. You'll see scenes of guys trying to donate sperm and then finding out that they're at a more hands-on clinic than they ever imagined! And that's just the beginning! Cum see the rest at CFNMExposed.com!

$4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
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CFNM Exposed (www.CFNMExposed.com)

Food Bangers (FoodBangers.com)

Two of the most sensual pleasures on earth, food and sex, are combined on Food Bangers! They take it to the extreme on this site, with guys fucking cooked chickens and sticking the chicken bones in the girl's pussy, babes eating spicy chili while they suck a cock, having a hot dog that's really a dick... Two babes doing anal jello shots, an Asian babe feasting on a dick using chopsticks, and of course some sexual play with spilled milk! This is content that you just won't find anywhere else. Check out all the food fucking action on FoodBangers.com!

$4.99 Trial, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
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Food Bangers (www.FoodBangers.com)

Whore Abuse (WhoreAbuse.com)

Welcome to WhoreAbuse.com, the most shocking site on the net! Here on Whore Abuse, we deliver only the most extreme hardcore action, including some wicked face fucking and gagging, crazy insertions, ass smacking and gang banging, and any other kind of raunchy sex act you can think of! Our babes are hot, and naughty, and we give these naughty little harlots exactly what they deserve. See for yourself!

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Whore Abuse (www.WhoreAbuse.com)

Spit Swappers (SpitSwappers.com)

Spit Swappers focuses on a new fetish - spit play. Watch as one hot whore spits into another girl's mouth and they continue to swap this spit back and forth. The spit looks like a big cumshot and they sometimes cannot help but to rub their spit on each other's tits, pussies, and bodies. Join SpitSwappers.com for less than a $3 trial, and you get access to the entire Private Members Network of sites including Extreme Holly, Extreme Sophia, Blowjob Races, and more. Check it out!

$2.86 for 2 Day Trial, $29.87 a Month, $98.86 for 6 Months
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Spit Swappers (www.SpitSwappers.com)

The Minion (TheMinion.com)

The Minion is pretty famous on the net for both his love of food and for banging hundreds of chicks online, both outright pornstars and straight-up amateur babes. If you're seeking a variety of hardcore porn to enjoy, ranging from oral sex to anal sex, from big tits to small tits, from shaved pussy to smooth cheeks, and including a nice spectrum of teens, MILFs, and cougars, then you will definitely find everything that you're seeking at The Minion! This fat, hungry, horny bastard gets so much more sex than the rest of us do. How does he do it? Guess you've got to join to find out.

$59.97 for 3 Months or $34.99 Monthly
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The Minion (www.TheMinion.com)

Fucking Machine 1000 (FuckingMachine1000.com)

Fucking Machine 1000 features babes who just can't get enough pleasure from a real man and decide that they need to go the robotic route. This isn't the Sybian, it's a hardcore fucking drill! These babes stick it in and never look back, with its perfectly timed rough thrusts and smooth ride... this futuristic site shows you what happens when hot babes meet machinery... only on FuckingMachine1000.com.

$4.99 Trial, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
Fucking Machine 1000 (www.FuckingMachine1000.com)

Fisting Lessons (FistingLessons.com)

Welcome to FistingLessons.com, and we are the website you've heard about! This is the site where sweet, innocent new girls learn how to fist the hard way! Not ever girl on our site manages to finish their lessons, some of these girls break and just can't manage it, and others go on to become true fisting champions! You won't see this kind of action anywhere else! See massive fists go deep inside the cunts and asses of amateur babes, as well as all kinds of other hardcore content! Only on Fisting Lessons!

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Fisting Lessons (www.FistingLessons.com)

I Strap-On My Man (IStrapOnMyMan.com)

IStrapOnMyMan.com has some of the hottest chicks with strap on dicks giving hardcore to their man up the poop chute. Yes you heard me right hot babes fucking their men up the ass with a strap on dildo. If you love watching guys getting fucked up the ass with a strap on check out IStrapOnMyMan.com

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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I Strap-On My Man (www.IStrapOnMyMan.com)

Sleeping Tushy (SleepingTushy.com)

Welcome to SleepingTushy.com. We are the #1 sleeping ass love website you'll find anywhere on the net! We've got some of the most beautiful women in the world who just somehow manage to be found in the most precarious of situations when their defenses are down – they fall asleep on the massage table, passed out in bed not home alone, or are a bit drunk – and whoever stumbles upon them just can't help wanting a piece of their glorious asses. Sleeping Tushy brings you tons of sleeping sex violations, with heaps of passionate ass licking in every scene.

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Sleeping Tushy (www.SleepingTushy.com)

Bondage Vacation (BondageVacation.com)

Who knew bondage could be so arousing? That's what our ladies thought when they first experienced being tied and gagged. The fact that they can't move and their partner can do anything that they want is one factor why a lot of women want to have a Bondage Vacation. They don't care if they get hurt, as long as they get the satisfaction they are aiming for.

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Bondage Vacation (www.BondageVacation.com)

Handle My Wife (HandleMyWife.com)

Handle My Wife.com is all about horny housewives getting fucking by other men while their husbands watch! These women are so horny that their husbands can't keep up with the demand and now they got all the help that they need coming in. With your membership, Handle My Wife brings Access to 40+ bonus sites! 1000+ High Quality Videos! 4000+ Bonus Videos from Bonus Feed Sites. All the wife fucking you need in one place!

$24.95 per month, $1.00 trial.
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Handle My Wife (www.HandleMyWife.com)

Porn Jackass (PornJackass.com)

Hoping for a little humor with your porn tonight? Porn Jackass has you covered. We've got the most cunning XXX stunts performed by stunning XXX cunts! These crazy bitches are all about stunts and pranks, like our office space rage scene where Kitty takes it out on the copy machine, or private training where Freddy Elle goes through the rigorous training that it takes to learn how to really suck dick like a true whore. In anal prep session Claire James gets ready for her very first anal scene of her career, and in Cassadra's bunny sex she gets herself off with a stuffed bunny toy. We know how to get you off with something that's a little bit off the beaten path. Cum be entertained and bust a nut at the same time at PornJackass.com!

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Porn Jackass (www.PornJackass.com)

Spanked and Abused (SpankedandAbused.com)

Spanked And Abused was designed for the guy with a spanking fetish! If you love to see bad girls get punished by horny guys who slap their asses til they turn beet red, then you need to come and see what we've got in our password protected exclusive members section. Some of these naughty girls were supposed to wait for their guy to come home from work, but couldn't wait so they touched themselves... when the guy comes back home he's pissed off and has to spank the girl to punish her before he gives it to her hard in that tight pussy! Other times our girls are just bad to the bone, period, and deserve a good hard spanking for being so naughty. No matter what, no girl leaves our site without that ass getting spanked! Cum see our hot content at SpankedAndAbused.com tonight!

$1 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.97 a month, $59.97 for 90 days
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Spanked and Abused (www.SpankedandAbused.com)

Doctor Tushy (DoctorTushy.com)

You've arrived at DoctorTushy.com. We here at Doctor Tushy pride ourselves in our ability to bring you truly unique medical fetish action. Whether it's gynecological exams, rectal exams, prison strip searches, enemas, spanking, rectal thermometers, we've got it all here! See some of the most beautiful women in the world get laid out on the surgical table or strapped down in canvas restraints while our doctors perform a gauntlet of tests on their vulnerable bodies!

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Doctor Tushy (www.DoctorTushy.com)

Sick Insertions (SickInsertions.com)

Welcome to SickInsertions.com, the website where you can find totally exclusive hot young teen amateurs insert the most insane objects into their tight teen pussies! These girls are so wicked, so kinky, that they'll shove anything into their wet cunts. Sick Insertions delivers only the most beautiful women who are willing to fuck anything on the planet! Food, bottles, frying pans, baseball bats, medical supplies, the works!

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Sick Insertions (www.SickInsertions.com)

Fuck That Machine (FuckThatMachine.com)

Fuck That Machine features babes who just aren't satisfied with the men in their lives and decide to fuck machines instead! They know that the robotic fuck is better than any real world bang, so they're riding on Sybians, getting screwed by dildo drills, getting plowed by "the plow," and getting those pussies pumped hard by all kinds of wild machinery! If you like your babes fucked futuristic style, you'll love FuckThatMachine.com!

$4.99 for a 3 Day Trial, $24.95 a Month
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Fuck That Machine (www.FuckThatMachine.com)

Freaks Of Porn (FreaksOfPorn.com)

Welcome to FreaksOfPorn.com, the most notorious site on the internet. Don't believe the hype of other websites, we really do have the monopoly on freaky sex here on Freaks of Porn. If you want furries, monster sex, tentacle rape, fisting, massive gangbangs, piss and scat action, costume sex, wacky insertions, and way, way more, we've got it all here. If it's weird, if it's kinky, and if it's unbelievable, it's here, and only here. You won't find this stuff anywhere else, we're sure of that!

$4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year
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Freaks Of Porn (www.FreaksOfPorn.com)

Extreme Holly (ExtremeHolly.com)

Extreme Holly is the type of girl you want to take home, but maybe not to mom and dad - unless you want to watch her give your mom's asshole a licking and share images of her tit fucking daddy. She's hot and all that, but her love for cock, pussy, and cum might surprise you. Her porn scenes are extreme - she'll stick a cucumber up her ass, share a huge black cock with Lisa Sparxx, get throat fucked until she gags, take on 4+ cocks, and ask for load after load on her cute face (she even snorted cum once). Join ExtremeHolly.com today for under $3 and get access to the entire Extreme Girl Network: Extreme Sophia, Extreme Alex, Blowjob Races, and more. Check it out now.

$2.86 for 2 Day Trial, $29.87 a Month, $98.86 for 6 Months
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Extreme Holly (www.ExtremeHolly.com)

Milk Enema (MilkEnema.com)

You've got to drink your milk - it's healthy for you. How many time have you heard that when you were still a kid? Now the girls from the Milk Enema website have taken this quote seriously. One look at their website and you'll immediately know that the scenes from this website are wet, wild and sloppy. These little whores have such fetishes for milk that they've got one step further in enjoying it. They got milk in every fuckable hole in their body - and we do mean every hole.

$2.95 Trial, $29.95/month, $95.40/year
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Milk Enema (www.MilkEnema.com)

Abbraxa Porn (AbbraxaPorn.com)

Welcome to AbbraxaPorn.com, home of the fisting and pissing goddess! We here at Abbraxa Porn bring you only the wildest, kinkiest, most depraved action that you won't find anywhere else, we guarantee! We've got countless hours of absolutely sizzling, sinful hardcore video here on the site, stuff that most people only dream of! We've got insane fisting, impossible insertions, hardcore action, and tons of steaming hot piss play featuring the hottest babes in the world!

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Abbraxa Porn (www.AbbraxaPorn.com)

PVC and Latex (PVCandLatex.com)

Addicted to hot teens and latex fetish gear? We put the two into an undeniably hot site for you, PVC and Latex. You'll see the most amazing previously before unseen hot teens from around the world, all engaging in hot sex while wearing latex, PVC, and rubber! Hot babes like Vicky Powel and Natilia are so happy to have you cum in and watch them play. Every single video and photo set on the site is exclusive and high resolution, all fetish porno, all the time. See all our babes, like Kate, who just finished showing off in her hot latex show and meets up with a horny fan. They barely say hello before she starts sucking his cock. Her performance backstage is even hotter than the one she put on just moments before. Cum see even more PVC and Latex fetish fantasies at PVCandLatex.com!

$1 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.97 a month, $59.97 for 90 days
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PVC and Latex (www.PVCandLatex.com)

Fucking Machines (FuckingMachines.com)

Fucking Machines! If I really have to tell you what this site is all about, then you're probably too dumb to look at porn - so just turn off the monitor and go play solitaire or something. For those of you who are left and are looking for the hottest, kinkiest sex toy online - then look no further. FuckingMachines.com is brought to you by Kink.com - the same group that's brought you Hog Tied, Real Fucking Couples, Sex and Submission, Ultimate Surrender, Water Bondage, Whipped Ass, and Wired Pussy. Hardcore? Fuck Yeah! Intense? You Know It! Fetish at it's Best? You decide, but once you check out Fucking Machines, you'll be sure to join.

$29.95 for One Month, $49.95 for Two Months, $99.95 for 6 Months
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Fucking Machines (www.FuckingMachines.com)

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