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Tug Jobs - Handjob Videos of Guys Getting Jerked Off

Tug Jobs offers the ultimate handjobs of all time! You probably didn't expect only handjobs to be so incredibly sexy, but these hot babes really know what to do to drive you mad! Carefully rubbing their tight little ass against your cock to make it hard like a rock, stroking it with their nipples, massaging and oiling it until you finally just can't hold back and you cum all over their pretty little faces! So, if you like horny sluts concentrating on the one sole purpose of making you blow your load, then look no further! Tugjobs.com has your number.

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Tug Jobs (www.TugJobs.com)

Wank My Wood (WankMyWood.com)

Getting a handjob and a blowjob is a lot better from a hot woman is a whole lot better than jacking off any day. I'm sure that the guys at WankMyWood.com would agree with me and I'm sure you would too. Even if you don't get the pussy right then, a good handjob from a hot chick can be a good thing. At WankMyWood.com, you could see hot chicks wanking off dicks and taking cumshots. Watch these hot babes prove that their hands could be just as good as their pussies to get you off.

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Wank My Wood (www.WankMyWood.com)

Giving a Hand Job (GivingaHandJob.com)

Every girl knows hot to fut, but not all of them know how to make you cum really hard using just their hands. However, the girls at Giving a Handjob really do. They not only are good at it, but they love jerking on hard cocks until they cum. Best of all, this site is shot in POV (point of view) angles - making you feel like it's your hard cock being given all the attention.

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Giving a Hand Job (www.GivingaHandJob.com)

Handjob Harry (HandjobHarry.com)

Handjob Harry is in search of the ultimate handjob, and he's getting 'em from all kinds of different babes, from hot white chicks to sexy Latinas and ebony black babes! These girls really know how to stroke a thick hard cock, and they put on a show with their sexy faces and hands while they stroke this one to that final cumshot! Watch them give Harry the best hand jobs he's ever had in his life at HandjobHarry.com!

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Handjob Harry (www.HandjobHarry.com)

Hand Job Auditions (HandJobAuditions.com)

Welcome to HandJobAuditions.com, a website full of the best, 100% exclusive hand job videos on the net! Here on Hand Job Auditions, we have only the hottest amateur models who really love wrapping their perfect, pretty fingers around a big hard cock and jerking that cock until it cums all over their pretty little faces! Our girls are perfect tens! See the most beautiful teens in the world giving long, climactic hand jobs – with bare hands, using a bit of mouth, and sometimes with gloves! You won't see this action anywhere else!

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Hand Job Auditions (www.HandJobAuditions.com)

Jerk That Cock (JerkThatCock.com)

Welcome to JerkThatCock.com! You've found the #1 website for hot sluts who love to milk hard cocks for every drop of hot, sticky sperm! We deliver only the finest amateur babes who love rubbing their fingers up and down a massive dick! Our girls on Jerk That Cock aren't afraid to get messy, and will frantically rub cock with their hands, tits, and ass until it explodes with milky white cum all over their face and tits! And we update weekly with fresh girls!

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Jerk That Cock (www.JerkThatCock.com)

Handjob Models (HandjobModels.com)

Welcome to HandjobModels.com, where the most beautiful models in the world jerk your cock with skill and style! With our weekly updates, high quality videos, and 100% exclusive content, it's no wonder we're known as one of the best sites for jerk action out there! Our horny babes really love wrapping their hands around massive hard cocks, and just watching them grease up their hands with that hungry look in their eyes is enough to make your dick hard! We add new girls to Handjob Models all the time, so watch this space!

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Handjob Models (www.HandjobModels.com)

Bubbly Massage (BubblyMassage.com)

You won't find this address in the phonebook. And you're definitely not getting in without the right password. This is home to Bubbly Massage, the hottest and most discreet upscale massage parlor in the city, where drop-dead gorgeous women give full nude massages to an elite clientele that knows how to keep a secret. It's not located in some seedy downtown area, but in a beautiful residential neighborhood, where cops don't suspect a thing. So if you're one of the informed few, step inside for a relaxing erotic massage and soapy bodyslide. If you're lucky, you may even get a BBBJ (bareback blowjob) and the chance to CIM (cum in mouth)! To learn this, and even more hot lingo, make sure you check out BubblyMassage.com right now.

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Bubbly Massage (www.BubblyMassage.com)

Stroke My Bone (StrokeMyBone.com)

For a guy, sometimes the hardest thing to get from a woman is a good handjob. Girls might know how to play with it a little bit, they jerk it a little, kiss it and all that, but only a true professional knows how to truly Stroke My Bone. That's what this site is dedicated to, hot girls who know how to stroke it. These girls will tease your balls, then lube up and stroke your cock. They are not shy about it either. When they get started on a cock, they don't let go until you've left your mark - with creamy jizz all over their face or tits. Want to see more? Visit StrokeMyBone.com and check it out for yourself.

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Stroke My Bone (www.StrokeMyBone.com)

Jerk Me Now (JerkMeNow.com)

This is JerkMeNow.com, where the finest girls around love jerking cocks, enough to let us capture it on film! Give them the right amount of cash, and they'll rub any cock around, with more gusto than a bitch who's starving! We have tons of hot girls here on Jerk Me Now that love giving hand jobs, and you can watch as they rub our dicks until we bust a nut right on their faces, tits, and even the bullseye, those pretty little mouths! We've got tons of exclusive content and some of the hottest babes around, so check it out!

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Jerk Me Now (www.JerkMeNow.com)

Fucked Up Handjobs (FuckedUpHandjobs.com)

Welcome to Fucked Up Handjobs where we ask the question "What's wrong with getting a nice handjob once in a while?" We all need a break from penetration, it's exhausting! In fact some guys are so lazy, all they want to do is lay back and let some girl play puppeteer with the meat toy. Imagine when we confront such handjob addicts with some of the nastiest cock temptresses. These bitches hate yet worship cock, which make for explosive jerk off sessions. Our girls don't quite understand the difference between pleasure and pain, to the surprising delight of our spineless wankers. So check out FuckedUpHandjobs.com and get your cock ready for some hardcore jerking too.

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Fucked Up Handjobs (www.FuckedUpHandjobs.com)

Handjob Next Door (HandjobNextDoor.com)

Handjob Next Door is a site that's all about sexy amateur girls next door who love to give handjobs! They're packed with hour after hour of hot hand job videos, from first time jerking to total pro stroking! You'll see hot white babes, sexy ebony chicks, shy teens, and hot MILFs. The thing they all have in common is a love of the handjob, and they love the feel of a stiff cock between their pretty hands, teasing it with their fingers and showing you the look of pleasure on their face while they stroke it. Check out all these amazing handjob videos on HandjobNextDoor.com!

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Handjob Next Door (www.HandjobNextDoor.com)

Handjob Porno (HandjobPorno.com)

This is HandjobPorno.com, and this is the real deal if you want to see tons of awesome hardcore handjob action! There are all different types of babes on here giving awesome handjobs, from housewives to teens amateurs to strippers, ethnic babes to exclusive European models. All of these babes on my site are a perfect ten, and they KNOW how to give a good handjob. On Handjob Porno, I shoot the most beautiful women in both POV and regular shots, and I update constantly!

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Handjob Porno (www.HandjobPorno.com)

Handjob Lessons (HandjobLessons.com)

Welcome to HandjobLessons.com, where we bring you horny amateur hotties that love to give a hand! On our site, we can ensure that we bring you only the sexiest girls out there, and that we bring you exclusive content that you aren't going to find anywhere else! Here at Handjob Lessons, we take pride in our ability to find tons of gorgeous amateurs that are great at giving handjobs. See these lovely women jerk off cocks right onto their face, tits, and mouths!

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Handjob Lessons (www.HandjobLessons.com)

Jerk Him Off (JerkHimOff.com)

If you like to see babes get on their knees and jerk cocks until they get soaked in massive loads of hot sperm, then you've arrived at your final destination! JerkHimOff.com is your website for hot, POV hand job movies! We find gorgeous horny babes that really know how to wrap their hands around a dick like champions! The Jerk Him Off girls aren't shy about working with a cock, and will use whatever means it takes to get them off! This is hot stuff!

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Jerk Him Off (www.JerkHimOff.com)

Absolute Handjobs (AbsoluteHandjobs.com)

The girls on Absolute Handjobs love to jerk off hard cocks. They cannot get enough of it. They act like Pavlov's dog when they get some lube - slobbering until they get to stroke some cock. These girls are filmed in HQ HD video, and AbsoluteHandjobs.com features hundreds of videos for you to see. So if you're tired of jerking off your own dick, and want one of our hotties to do it for you, check out Absolute Handjobs today.

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Absolute Handjobs (www.AbsoluteHandjobs.com)

Ultimate Handjobs (UltimateHandjobs.com)

This is UltimateHandjobs, and with a name like that, we really don't need much explanation. This is a website for those of you that love handjobs. Our girls give the best handjobs anywhere in the world! We've got amateurs, teens, and MILFS here on our site, and we've got girls from every social class and racial group. The one thing in common? The girls of Ultimate Handjobs are all hot, horny, and give fantastic tug jobs! They also love the camera, so see them for yourself!

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Ultimate Handjobs (www.UltimateHandjobs.com)

Beef Jerkers (BeefJerkers.com)

This is BeefJerkers.com, home of the hottest amateur babes that love getting their hands on a nice healthy serving of beef! The girls of Beef Jerkers aren't into any of that low-fat diet shit, nah. These girls are all about getting a giant, massive slab of meat right in their hands and jerking that cock until it blows sticky cum all over their hands, face, tits, and mouth. We've got the most gorgeous, cock hungry sluts on the internet right here on our site. See for yourself!

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Beef Jerkers (www.BeefJerkers.com)

Bubbly Massage (Bubbly-Massage.com)

I know we all would love a hot bubble bath and a massage after a long day of work. What's even better if we could get them both from a hot chick and a good fuck to go along with it. BubblyMassage.com shows you what happens when you mix all three together. These babes get all lathered up with their men, massage them and give them some good soapy wet pussy. There's nothing like getting a hot bath, a massage and good pussy at the same time to bring an end to a hard day. So check out BubblyMassage.com where a hot bubble bath and massage turns into a mind blowing fuck quicker than you could bat your eyes.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Bubbly Massage (www.Bubbly-Massage.com)

Fantasy Handjobs (FantasyHandjobs.com)

Welcome to FantasyHandjobs.com, your #1 megasite for exclusive hand job action! We've got tons of the sexiest, horniest babes giving nut-busting, mind-blowing hand jobs that you aren't going to see anywhere else! We have all kinds of hand job action here, from the soft and sensual jerks to the hard and fast nasty hand job scenes! We've got tons of POV scenes, too! Fantasy Handjobs takes care of any and all of your hand job desires!

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Fantasy Handjobs (www.FantasyHandjobs.com)

Skilful Hands (SkilfulHands.com)

Welcome to SkilfulHands.com! We have one of the largest collections of hot, exclusive handjob photographs you'll find anywhere! We've also got an extensive collection of super hot handjob videos featuring gorgeous women who love hard cock! These ladies really, really love cock, and want nothing more than the chance to stroke and tug on these long hard poles, patiently waiting to get covered in tons of sticky man goo. Stay awhile, have a look around here at Skilful Hands, you won't be disappointed.

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Skilful Hands (www.SkilfulHands.com)

Meat Stick Milkers (MeatStickMilkers.com)

You're on MeatStickMilkers.com, and we are the best hand job website on the net! We get only the hottest, horniest sluts who absolutely love the feel of a hard cock in their hands! Watch our babes as they grease their soft, nimble fingers up and wrap them around massive dicks! The babes of Meat Stick Milkers aren't shy when it comes to jacking off a cock, and they show every second of their enthusiasm. See these super hot POV videos, and you'll know what we mean!

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Meat Stick Milkers (www.MeatStickMilkers.com)

Cock Ring Hand Jobs (CockRingHandJobs.com)

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a good hand job if you can't get anything else. If you want a good long one then get a cock ring to put on your hard on. CockRingHandjobs.com has some hot chicks jacking off Cockring covered dicks to milk them off the cream inside. These chicks don't care what they get cum on as long as they get cum on. Check out CockRingHandjobs.com to see some of the hottest chicks be cum on by hard dicks.

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Cock Ring Hand Jobs (www.CockRingHandJobs.com)

Stroke Jobs (StrokeJobs.com)

Welcome to StrokeJobs.com. Here on Stroke Jobs, we have a motto: lube it, stroke it, open wide! We are the #1 handjob videos website to date, and it won't take you long to figure out why. We get the most beautiful teen hotties who really know their way around a cock, and we let these honeys show just what they can do! Our girls use their long, soft, perfect fingers to stroke these cocks to cum, as well as using their gorgeous tits and asses to make sure that these dicks shoot hard and long. Check it out!

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Stroke Jobs (www.StrokeJobs.com)

Wack My Meat (WackMyMeat.com)

There are times when you have a hard on and you want to get off but you just can't do it at the time. So what's a horndog to do when he can fuck? Get a handjob. WackMyMeat.com shows hot babes who you would love to have at least jerk you off. These babes may not give you pussy, ass or even blow you but they could at least jack you off. WackMyMeat.com is where you go when you want to see hot babes giving handjobs. WackMyMeat.com at least if you can't fuck them, they could jack you off.

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Wack My Meat (www.WackMyMeat.com)

Tug Express | Handjob Videos | Jerk Off Porn

Tug Express opens up with a hot babe stroking a hard dick and saying, "Need a hand?" These sluts know that there is nothing hotter than giving an incredible handjob on camera. They've got some of the prettiest amateur babes that you'll ever see, including incredible blondes, beautiful brunettes, sexy Ebony babes, and gorgeous Latinas. All of these babes have one thing in common... true talent for stroking a rock hard cock. They've got mad sexual skills and you won't believe the variety of amazing women here. Watch 'em stroke all night long at TugExpress.com.

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Tug Express (www.TugExpress.com)

Handjob Spectacles (HandjobSpectacles.com)

Welcome! You've reached HandjobSpectacles.com, and if you like seeing gorgeous amateur babes giving unbelievable hand jobs, then you've arrived at the right place. We here at Handjob Spectacles make it a point to only bring you real amateur ladies, and all of our content is totally exclusive. The one thing you won't see on here is your average, run of the mill porn actress. We manage to turn shy girls into cock loving queens! Watch them in action, right here!

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Handjob Spectacles (www.HandjobSpectacles.com)

Handjob Adventures (HandJobAdventures.com)

Welcome to HandJobAdventures.com, the site where all the ladies love to give a helping hand! Some of these teens are giving their first handjob, right here on Handjob Adventures! We travel around the country, going to college campuses and cities all over America finding real college cuties to show off their fantastic handjob skills! And these girls certainly do have skills! We add new handjob videos regularly, so you'll always have more content!

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Handjob Adventures (www.HandJobAdventures.com)

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