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Corsets and How They Can Save the World

Corsets and How They Can Save the World
Today we're checking out the very excellent Alex Harper and why the greatest time in the world was when women walked around in corsets all day. Yes, I'm sure that it might have been uncomfortable for some of the women involved. And yes, it would take a little getting use to walking around at half mast all day, but I think in the long run, society in general would be better for it. Communication would improve greatly between the sexes for one. I mean, if their tits are pushed up closer to their face, you're bound to talk to them more, am I right? and find out.

Bang Bus - Alex Harper

Bang Bus - Alex Harper
Today we're checking out a new girl Alex Harper. Besides being fucking hot as hell, she's new in a way that I haven't seen a lot of before. It seems like she's down to try anything at all. In the past few weeks, she's been in everything from face sitting, to bondage, to guys licking girl's dirty feet. If there's something that's in porn, I'm thinking she's trying it. Which is great if you're a fan of her. There's going to be a ton of shit that's she's going to do. But if you're not into fetish sites, you're probably not going to watch half of it.

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