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Lubed - Asuna Fox

Lubed - Asuna Fox
Today we have a lot of people covered in, or about to be cover in a shit ton of snow. It sounds like there's no better time for a cookie delivery so we can just bed down and get comfortable. It turns out though, these cookies come with a very large side of lube and one Ms Asuna Fox. Not all of these things should be enjoyed at the same time.

Asuna Fox and Maserati

Asuna Fox and Maserati
Today we're celebrating opposite boob day. Well, it's not an official day yet, but I've been petitioning my town hall for the past two months. While I wait for the restraining order to run out, I'm going to start making a list of candidates for official representatives for opposite boob day. My first nominees are the lovely Asuna Fox and Maserati.

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