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AVN Awards 2017

AVN Awards 2017
With all of the politics and football that happened last weekend, it would be easy to forget that something really important happened in our country last weekend. In Las Vegas, a gathering of some of the best people in the world happened for the AVN Awards to see who truly is the best of the best. ( at sucking dick ) And to prevent any anticipation from building up, it turns out the lovely Adriana Chechik is the winner of the Female Performer of the Year category. And if you don't know who Adriana is, you probably haven't been on the wet and wild side of porn lately. Imagine sex scenes that need a clean-up crew after they wrap up, and you'll start to get an idea. And a lot of her scenes can be found on if that peaked your interest. If not, hit the jump to see who else won..

Star Wars Porn

Star Wars Porn
Well, the tickets for the new movie went on sale today, and if you're interested in having a chance to see it opening night, you might want to jump on those tickets soon. For myself, I think I'm going to hold off for a while. I saw the preview of the movie ( hit the link to see it ) and it was one of those trailers that had all of the good parts in it. So now I feel like the movie is a little spoiled for me. I heard that a woman was the main character, but I didn't know she was an alien..

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