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Brazzers - Honey Gold

Brazzers - Honey Gold
Today we're checking out the lovely Honey Gold, an actual porn star that picked her name from the last thing she ate, and the color of her underwear that day. It's a bold move to actually use the porn name that you picked as a kid, and I'm glad that it's working out for her. On the subject of the scene that she's in though, this is where all the prep work of becoming a porn star has really pulled through. Picking out a porn name as a kid didn't go to waste at all.

Honey Gold - Naughty America

Honey Gold - Naughty America
Today we're checking out the very lovely Honey Gold, a girl that I've never seen before, so let's learn about her together, shall we? First, she is beautiful with an amazing body. Yup, I think that's all I need to know about her. She's new to me, but she's not that new to porn, so I'm sure there's a few of you guys out there that know her. Usually a few porn stars have a 'home site' that they do a lot of work ( or most of it ) on, and I'm trying to find that, so if you know, leave a comment if you would. Until then, let's check out the scene she did on .

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