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The Happy Sock

It's Better When Your Woman Jacks You Off!
As I'm sitting here drinking my beer my fellow pervs. I'm thinking about a funny fucking story of something that happened when I was in the military. The title has something to do with that shit and as you read on you'll see why. It was something that happened when I was in boot camp and it's has something to do with a sock. I still til this day laugh about the shit because it was something you didn't really expect to happen but it did and it's funny as fuck.

They Have A Month Devoted To Handjobs

Happy Masturbation Month!
Oh yes my fellow pervs it is true, they have a month devoted to and . I just found out this shit myself. The month of May is...wait for it.... No bullshit. They have actually dubbed May as the month for jacking off and it has come as a fucking surprise to me because I didn't think that they had a month that celebrated something that most of us probably do all year. Now, they've got a month devoted to that shit.

Morning Phone Sex

What A Way To Start The Day!
I'm pretty sure that all of us would like to wake up in the morning to an award winning and some but that's not the case all the time. Sometimes you end up waking up by yourself with a fucking huge hard on that needs that release. We might not want to admit to that shit but all of us horny mother fuckers have that time when would be a hell of a start to the day.

There's Something About Masturbation

There's Something About Masturbation!
I was having a conversation with Mrs. WANG, when I started thinking about jacking off and then I started laughing. What had me laughing about the whole thing is that it made me think back to two movies that I'm sure that you've probably seen years ago, and . I know that you probably know where I'm going with this as far as some of the most memorable scenes in those movies and they dealt with masturbation. Those scenes were actually so fucking funny that we still think about them until this day.

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