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Big Naturals - Stacy Jay

Damn girl.. you shit with dat ass?!
Today we're checking out the lovely Stacy Jay and her lovely ass. Now you might be thinking that is a tit site, so why are we talking about Stacy's ass? While I agree that Stacy's tits are some great naturals that are big and a bit floppy, I don't think that it's her best aspect. She's got a pretty amazing ass, and it was a bit of a shame that it wasn't the center of attention in this scene. Now, I know that I'm going to be in the minority with this opinion, and I know that it's a tit site, so I'm complaining about something that doesn't make any sense, but I'm going to complain about it anyway. They showed too much of Stacy's tits on this particular tit site.

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