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RexMag.com is pleased to work with good webmasters and good websites to build a strong community. We have set up a video trading program designed to give you content-relevant links into your site. If you are interested in trading plugs with RexMag, this system is perfect, and gives you the chance to gets links to your site in on content-relevant pages.

You are allowed to post videos from your sites based on the following ratio schedule:

0.0% - 79.9% = No Posts
80.0% - 124.9% = 1 Post
125.0% - 174.9% = 2 Posts
175%+ = 3 Posts

Our system is very straight forward. For each 100 hits we send, we expect at least 80 in return. So long as you've sent in at least 100 hits, and your ratio for the past 7 days is greater than 80%, you may post on our site. If your ratio is greater than 175%, you may post up to 3 times a day. You may post only once every three hours, and you can post into one of 20 different categories on our site. To send hits in, you may send it to any of our hosted videos or any of our porn reviews.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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